The Real Fear is Fear Itself

In light of the recent heinous acts of terror that have occurred in the past few days; in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, sadly to name a few, it seems timely to address the Fear that surrounds us, and what that Fear means. Innocent people die all over the world every single day. The reasons are complex and routed in hundreds of years of conflict, meddling, power struggles, and religious differences. As history ever repeats itself, innocent lives are lost every day as the result of the interests and differences of those in Power. And as a result, we are left feeling Powerless.

If the backlash of blame as a result of these heinous acts is directed towards innocent people, then the terrorists have won. They want to create rifts, they want to create terror. They are saying, “we’re here, we’re among you, we’re out to get you, no-one is safe, fear everyone.” ¬†They want you to hate and fear everything that is different and they want to marginalise people. And people will be marginalised. It is happening, I see it all around me. The far right is rising across Europe. People are afraid.

It is through ostracising people that they may then in turn be attracted to the ‘welcoming arms’ of terror. Feeding the vicious cycle of inhumanity, war and destruction. What we need is unity and solidarity towards anyone who does not want to harm innocent people. The refugees that are themselves fleeing terror are not to blame. Most terrorist attacks are undertaken by radicalised nationals in their own country. How else are they to blend in so seamlessly, to know the areas like the back of their hand.

The world is not safe, far from it. But anger and hatred do nothing but breed anger and hatred. They are the things that got us into this mess, and they certainly won’t get us out of it.