social housing, social cleansing


Just yet another social cleansing measure from the Tories, hitting those who cannot fight back is their favourite pastime it seems. Make the private landlords richer and let the ‘undeserving poor’ rot on the streets. Where do they propose to ‘put’ all the people who live in these homes where there are no alternatives? But hey, we can all have ‘affordable’ housing now, £450,000 right to buy properties for the aspirational hardworkers among us.

Meanwhile, sit back and relax as the NHS is burned to the ground, and social mobility through Higher Education becomes a long and distant memory. Mental Illness is at an all time high and there is no-one there to help them. Suicide rates are up. The disabled have their benefits cut and on their coffins they nail the Fit To Work documents. The workers are grafting day by day, supermarket swipes for the price of a pint, pinning their dreams and hopes on tonights big Lotto Jackpot, paying tax and watching XFactor and not asking too many questions. Paying our taxes, not asking too many questions. While our Prime Minister is smoking Shisha with the Saudis and letting the corporations off with a slap on the wrist in menial back-tax payments, if any.

Not to worry, you have your FREEDOM! Social Media! iPhones! The Internet! (Don’t delve too deep, you might learn something). Anyway, it’s your fault for not being born with a silver spoon up your arse, you should have worked harder in those 9 months in the womb. While you’re at it, blame it all on the immigrants.