Donate – Self Educate – Write To Your MP – Protest if safe to do so –

if you (talking to those living in UK, White) think this is not ‘our problem’, you are wrong. The very foundations of the UK and America are built on racism. The project of whiteness that we were born into depends on ignorance and acceptance of the status quo. We need to get colonial education on our curriculums. We need to understand how and why and who made this ‘so’, and what work is needed to undo and unravel these systems. We need to take responsibility for our own wilful ignorance and stop thinking that it’s someone else’s responsibility to fight for change, to do the work. We need to stop accepting the state of things & understand that we are complicit in all of this – we have stayed in our comfort zones because we have been privileged enough to live in a world that gives us comfort, molly-coddles us. ‘Privilege is not what you have been through but what you didn’t have to go through’. Yes you may have grown up poor or disadvantaged in some way, but you have still had the privilege of being white. You may think, ‘I’m not racist’ but we were all born into a racist society and told the story that we have conquered, we are great, and we can do anything. You need to consciously undo these stories and not just accept what is given to you. The foundations of what this society are built on are rotten & we need to uproot them in every way.

The police are the teeth of the state, used to keep people in their place. . In America it seems worse & it’s important to support the civil rights revolution that’s happening there now. The state retribution that is going to follow this is going to be devastating so that is why people are suggesting to donate to bail funds. In the UK it is bad too, it always has been, its not a new problem and it persists as we speak. During lockdown black people have been 54% more likely to be fined due to an increase in stop and search tactics by police. Since 1990 there have been 1500 deaths in UK police custody, including more than 500 victims from ethnic minority backgrounds, despite only making up 14% of the UK population.

Read history books, read books by black authors, educate yourself, educate your kids, donate if you have money to do so, talk about it with your racist family members, don’t stop caring about it when the news story changes


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