From your position in the cityscape, you can hear the sound of air being pushed through tight smog

— resonating—

in Hazard skies 

the indistinguishable pump of car speakers

the trickle of moth water licked with green on winding canals. 

the pound of sculpted muscle on concrete. 



In my palm, I can hear each bone as it flexes on the joint –  im almost quite certain there is blood rushing through these veins 


Roadside, the air is full with heavy, thick white noise. a consistent patter of rain on concrete, the familiar overtones of tires streaking through puddles

thick white noise interjected with subcurrents of lancashire drawl, 

like jet engines stroked with sand

“I can feel it within me, the change in the land.” 

Police sirens ringing, straining to listen to the words falling out of his mouth

>>the delicate balance of nature>> I can hear the ripples parting in tea as cold winter breath departs lips, can hear bloodcells shifting through veins, pearls of water gathering in the corners of eyes, pearls of water forming wells, shifting & evaporating, leaking sticky rainwater into puddles, shifting sediment 

 Zooming in & out – microscopic – out to the surrounding fields – telescopic 

Drunken heavy fog smog, drowning in it.

The ground vibrates, underneath us the earth surges like a tarred lung, layer upon layer of time shaking beneath us, ancient crinoids skulking the ocean floor, the limestone that is now mountains

The land heaves with a sub-bass vibration not audible but felt

The pipes are alive,

The creaking of earth shifting beneath us  >> into >>

Slow moving peaks, 350 million years adrift  >> into >>

The drone-kiss of fog over trees, wind shifting over mountains into dark forests  >> into >>

Spiralling sediment noise crescendo  >> into >>

Slipping silt residue  >> into >>

residue , dust on the windowpane  >> into >>

Distorted drone of hollowed out mountain peaks  >> into >>

Landscapes cracking & creaking crackling & creaking  >> into >>

Landslide of falling rocks  >> into >> deep core crunching  >> into >> underwater sub-bass bellows  >> into >>Drums off beat  >> into >> horses charging through cornfields  >> into >>

Feedback bouncing off of electricity pylons >> into >> static airwave residue — >>into>>

STATIC AIRWAVE RESIDUE>> into >>the sound of birds wings flapping around electricity wires >> into >>Under-belly of shifting rock-sediment 

Into—- continental drift


The rigs go up. They want 40,000 rigs all the way from here to yorkshire. Imagine that. They’ll be as commonplace as the electricity pylon. They blend in to the environment. Before you know it, theres holes everywhere. Holes in the rock. Holes in the earth all around us. Infrastructure goes up so quickly we don’t even notice it.


This land is agricultural land, it’s a dairy farm, and the milk is sold to people to drink. The farmer who owns the land has a fence that stretches from one corner of the site to the other, where he is allowed to herd his cows. So every now and then you will see a great line of cows marching past the drill. Imagine that. Hundreds of black and white cows herding past this great spiralling metal drill boring into the earth>>>

im at the belly of the hill and theres markings etched into the grass.

Blue green grey and heather moors sunk for miles

Craggy rocks, a steep incline, out of  breath now, dizzying heights, my peripheral vision is playing tricks with my eyes, from here I can see all the way back to blackpool, to the sea, to the tower. I can see to clytheroe..

And The sea is radioactive


I slid down a section of rock to see the layers of sediment, felt the shards break between my fingertips, cracked each layer open like eggshells in the palm of my hand, slipped through the silt to the slime and basked in the last drop of light that lingered on the belly of the hill


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