observations of heath ladies pond

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dear —
thanks for the tips, went swimming heath ladies pond instead, not been before, felt like lounging in an impressionist painting, very interesting dynamics; (female) public nudity away from male gaze is quite beautiful experience i think. Lots of mother & child nude nurturing, bare breasts dappled in sunlight, no holding back.

maybe certain level of segregation would be good for women to experience de-sexualised nakedness as a norm? If 3 year olds are hating their bodies now cos of media then maybe we all need to be naked more. I guess becoming fully nudist society would probably solve a lot of issues. Back to the drawing board. What’s the men’s one like? is it empowering to be naked amongst lots of other men? I imagine it’s different.

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notes from notebook

stretch in cat-like poses (grey underwear & beautiful)
to share picnics with breasts on show (desexualised, hungry)
child suckling on bosom of nude mother
fantasy, mythology of the clothed
lifetime of porn exposure fetishising natural life-giving act
nipple censorship highlighting the place a woman’s breast has in society (sexual object to be censored, hidden, only to be unleashed [violated] at man’s whim, or caught by surprise in accidental act of voyeurism, the imagery of the embarrassed woman holding down skirt with bare breasts and inviting shy smile, oh you caught me, but you may as well come in)
porn is omnipresent porn is omnipresent

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notes on porn

porn is why you are a bad lover
porn is the death of the female orgasm
porn is rape-culture
porn is entitlement
porn is the fetishisation of the mother
porn is your open secret
porn is your lonely orgy
porn is the mystique of the clothed
your sex is a bad simulacrum of porn
your intimacy is thwarted by porn
porn is there for you when you’re lonely
porn is omnipresent



self absorbed; absorbing
bloated sponge; holes expanding
sprung a leak [she said]
there’s plenty of room for you in here
step on my head and squeeze the water out
it’s so warm in here [he said]
placenta embrace; the mother of all fucks
take a piece of me and leave one behind
shivering something
nothing at all [empty]


social housing, social cleansing


Just yet another social cleansing measure from the Tories, hitting those who cannot fight back is their favourite pastime it seems. Make the private landlords richer and let the ‘undeserving poor’ rot on the streets. Where do they propose to ‘put’ all the people who live in these homes where there are no alternatives? But hey, we can all have ‘affordable’ housing now, £450,000 right to buy properties for the aspirational hardworkers among us.

Meanwhile, sit back and relax as the NHS is burned to the ground, and social mobility through Higher Education becomes a long and distant memory. Mental Illness is at an all time high and there is no-one there to help them. Suicide rates are up. The disabled have their benefits cut and on their coffins they nail the Fit To Work documents. The workers are grafting day by day, supermarket swipes for the price of a pint, pinning their dreams and hopes on tonights big Lotto Jackpot, paying tax and watching XFactor and not asking too many questions. Paying our taxes, not asking too many questions. While our Prime Minister is smoking Shisha with the Saudis and letting the corporations off with a slap on the wrist in menial back-tax payments, if any.

Not to worry, you have your FREEDOM! Social Media! iPhones! The Internet! (Don’t delve too deep, you might learn something). Anyway, it’s your fault for not being born with a silver spoon up your arse, you should have worked harder in those 9 months in the womb. While you’re at it, blame it all on the immigrants.


Heartaches in the AtmosFEAR

Intolerance. The great divide. The mainstream media spinning and smearing and slamming in it’s sidebar’s of shame/ as it wrings the dirty droplets of holy truth-water from the same used rag / until the water is so muddied that all is left is a vilified smudge / a portrait of a man composed of half-heard lies and once-thought-wishes. a mere phantom, to be lauded or scrupled and pulled apart limb by limb, reassembled into a horror-story collage of a person

MeanWHILE We are all so apathetically opinionated (just words on a screen) Braving the battlefield, anonymous icons in the war of words./Noone has a monopoly on truth but we are so self-righteous/ As mine is the only way and Faith is the answer/ We have been handed a potato-peeler which we think is a gun, eventually we will work it out, after we’ve sheared ourselves of our not so thick- skins.. / Keyboard warriors, shielded by screens, as the real war goes on outside where we can’t hear their screams. When the bomb hits like reality, where will those words be to keep your enemies in check?

Opinions, they rage and they fly and they birth and they kill. We are all so very certain, you can feel it, the physical certainty. The physical certainty which starts and ends wars/ Which justifies killing and death of the OTHER / But when the truth is subjective and the facts are mangled, noone can be sure that their certainty is not founded, on lies and slander and chinese whispers.

Swallowing down the lump of rage, that furrows your throat and sticks in your brow / Everyone is so AFRAID / And they’d have us kill each other if they could, scuffling in the trenches of Cameron’s Britain. Tolerance is Power because what could they do, if we all agreed to disagree and helped each other feel (alive)



The Real Fear is Fear Itself

In light of the recent heinous acts of terror that have occurred in the past few days; in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, sadly to name a few, it seems timely to address the Fear that surrounds us, and what that Fear means. Innocent people die all over the world every single day. The reasons are complex and routed in hundreds of years of conflict, meddling, power struggles, and religious differences. As history ever repeats itself, innocent lives are lost every day as the result of the interests and differences of those in Power. And as a result, we are left feeling Powerless.

If the backlash of blame as a result of these heinous acts is directed towards innocent people, then the terrorists have won. They want to create rifts, they want to create terror. They are saying, “we’re here, we’re among you, we’re out to get you, no-one is safe, fear everyone.”  They want you to hate and fear everything that is different and they want to marginalise people. And people will be marginalised. It is happening, I see it all around me. The far right is rising across Europe. People are afraid.

It is through ostracising people that they may then in turn be attracted to the ‘welcoming arms’ of terror. Feeding the vicious cycle of inhumanity, war and destruction. What we need is unity and solidarity towards anyone who does not want to harm innocent people. The refugees that are themselves fleeing terror are not to blame. Most terrorist attacks are undertaken by radicalised nationals in their own country. How else are they to blend in so seamlessly, to know the areas like the back of their hand.

The world is not safe, far from it. But anger and hatred do nothing but breed anger and hatred. They are the things that got us into this mess, and they certainly won’t get us out of it.